About Us & What Makes us Different?

Nexthost Is Passionate

We Value Our Customers

If you haven't noticed yet, our site is quite different to most of our competitors. We will never put annoying pop-ups and adverts on our website or buy one get one free. We are a small customer-driven hosting company, not telemarketers or vacuum cleaner salesmen trying to sell washing machines. We build hard-core Linux Servers that deliver! We need our customers to get what we promised and more, feel like they can ask questions, no annoying pop-ups with "specials" that, well aren't that special and, we don't want you to feel like the FBI is watching you while browsing our site. So, sit down at our bar, have a drink, and please don't worry about that drunk guy. Our bouncers will have him removed. On a more serious note, we take pride in our work and abilities. We believe in old-fashioned values when it comes to service. Our customers ARE our bread and butter, so we will do our utmost to ensure that Nexthost customers get the service we believe is fair at all times! Our Business Model is Security, Reliability, Service and Fun. In that order. This is how we work.

We don't Sell Kak Cousin!

How much revenue did your website make last month? If the answer is a big fat nothing, then maybe your hosting is Kak. Hosting or not, the fact is that your website isn't doing its job. What if we told you that solid-state storage is slow? Well, for starters, we would be lying. However, this hardly guarantees you better performance, and as most gamers will know, there is a lot more involved than a fast drive. This website is NOT using an SSD drive. Is it slow?

A Bad Workman Blames his Tools

You are hosting with "SUPER FAST SSD STORAGE", yet you have a zero-income website that is very slow. What's happening? Well, of course, it is easy to blame badhosting.co.za. It very well could be. However, it may also be your website or a combination of the two, and this is where most other providers draw the line. We don't. We are here to help ensure your website is done right and kept that way so it can be a precious source of revenue.

Addons, Addon, Addon & Addon!

We believe, as your hosting provider, it is our responsibility to ensure that your valuable web assets are maintained and looked after to the best of our ability at all times. This includes protection against malware, backups and of course making sure our systems are correctly maintained. This means that all of our products are full-house, so backups, restorations and malware protection is included.

Talk is Cheap!

The hosting industry has fast become a place where far too many people are getting ripped off! What started as a R 50.00/m package is now three times that because you need this, then that, and then some more of the first thing. We publish a version of all our products so you can take a test drive before buying the car. This way there are never hidden fees and complete transparency, unlike this skinner.

We Have Our Own CDN

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is basically a bunch of servers spread around the country and/or world. When a customer accesses your site, they will be served the content from the closest available server. The closer they are, the faster your website will be. We are still running in beta; however, we are the only South African company offering this service at this point.

The Nexthost Story

Nexthost is a South African based email and web hosting company with a bit of a difference. We started in 2015 primarily to service our own customer's needs. We were frustrated constantly explaining to our customers why their mails were down when in reality, we didn't even know. We got fed up, and because we already knew I.T, we decided that we were going to give this whole hosting thing a bash, Nexthost sounded cool, so here we are.

We quickly found that it wasn't as hard as we thought, well, it wasn't it first. Perhaps it was beginners' luck. However, we pushed, learned, tested, tested and tested some more. We watched our competitors who seemed to be selling the same products and the same excuses.

We decided that we wanted to be different, VERY VERY different. We chose at this point to implement a policy of 100% transparency with our clients and, instead of aiming for a multi-billion zillion-dollar empire, we wanted to keep our business small and tight-knit.

Turned out that that was the right move and, after a survey, we couldn't deny the facts, people like dealing with people and our customers, who are generally I.T companies, don't what to hear that "the flux capacitor on our mainframe broke" when in reality John tripped over the cable. Don't worry, no loose cable's allowed in the Data Centers!

Our Super Vision

Now, if you think that just because we aren't keen on that old "multi-billion zillion-dollar empire", we aren't ambitious, think again. Because we work with our clients, we have a good idea of what you want, and we have created products that do the job and do it well. After all, your website is there for one reason, and that's to find new business.

So, while our vision may not be that "multi-billion zillion-dollar empire", yours might be. We are here to run a successful business, and regardless of your business goals, your success is our success. We know this, and it's one of the many reasons we will always go the extra mile to help you achieve your goals. That's our Super Vision, and we will continue to push hard and deliver the best service we can to all our clients, big or small, at all times!

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