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If you are looking to get performance, but aren't necessarily ready for the big players, maybe your website doesn't need to run on high octane just yet, or perhaps you just want performance that will help you get just a bit faster than "that other guy", then Joe is your man. This package is business front, back and sides. It delivers a punch and is a great way to get a new website going on the right foot. If you have a website that needs just a bit more power than shared hosting or is a bit rough around the edges and requires a bit more TLC, this package is for you. This lunatic is available on LiteSpeed, NGINX and Apache platforms. Nexthost will help you choose the correct solution for your site-specific requirements to get you going fast.

Get Started with Average Joe for an Average R 450.00/M

LiteSpeed Web Server

1 x Website on LiteSpeed Enterprise

Apache & Varnish

Apache & Varnish
1 x Website on Apache + Varnish Cache


1 x Website on Nginx Webserver

Not Sure?

If those are just pictures to you, don't stress. Getting it right can be tricky. We often find that sites are hosted on platforms because the developer is comfortable with that product. At best, not doing this right can lead to poor performance. However, this can open serious security holes. That's why we are here. We will gladly assist you in choosing the right solution for your website! If you are setting up a new WordPress website, go for LiteSpeed. For static websites, Nginx will keep you smiling!

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