Nexthost Legal Department



Last Updated 01 January 2021

Invoices for Subscriber Fees as well as all and any amount(s) due by the Customer to Nexthost shall be sent to the Customer's nominated email address. Invoices shall be deemed delivered on the date of sending.

The Customer shall make payment of his invoice no later than seven days from the date of sending thereof. Nexthost reserves the right to suspend the Services should the invoice not be paid timeously and will result therefrom take no responsibility whatsoever including but not limited to any damages, loss of income, loss of business revenue and or productivity. In the event of a Customer's account being suspended due to his failure, and or neglect, and or refusal to settle his invoice timeously, Nexthost may in its sole and absolute discretion elect to levy a re-connection fee of one thousand rand.

The Customer further acknowledges that he is hereby informed of the fact that mora interest will accrue on all outstanding amounts at the rate in accordance with the provisions of the Prescribed Interest Rate Act, No 55 of 1975 as amended from time to time.

In the event that the Customer disputes an invoice rendered by Nexthost and or its nominee, the Customer shall not be entitled to withhold payment on the grounds of such dispute but shall remain liable for timeous payment thereof. In the event of a dispute, the Parties shall act in good faith to resolve the same in an amicable fashion within a period of not more than seven days.

Breach and Costs

Should the defaulting party commit any breach of any terms or conditions contained in this Agreement and fail to remedy such breach within seven days after receipt of written notice to that elect from the non-defaulting party, the non-defaulting party shall be entitled without prejudice to any other right which he may have in terms of this Agreement or at law.

The Customer hereby consents to the jurisdiction of the magistrate’s court having jurisdiction over the Customer’s person, notwithstanding that the amount in issue may otherwise exceed the monetary jurisdiction of the aforesaid court. However, it shall be within the discretion of Nexthost to institute any action in a competent High Court and to recover costs on the appropriate High Court scale from the Customer.