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If you would like to get your message to the world without having to install fifty plugins that need updating every three minutes, look no further than Ghost. It is simple to use, looks professional and runs on cutting edge technology, making it safe out the box and is used by some of the big players like Cloudflare, Apple, Mozilla and Nexthost. Ghost Integrates seamlessly with Unsplash, Twitter, Spotify, SoundCloud, Slack, Stripe, and lots more. Nexthost will maintain, backup and ensure your server is always updated and runs smoothly and hassle-free.

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Why Ghost

Ghost is a platform for serious sites. It looks the part, has what you want and need, yet it is elegant and simple to use. Ghost is fast, Built with SEO in mind, and extremely reliable. Ghost has a unique feel that your users will love, and it will quickly set you aside from your "drag and drop" competitors!


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Ghost also offers a paid pro edition that you can find by visiting their website