Hosted Nextcloud Solutions

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Locally Hosted Nextcloud Solutions

Synchronise your data, create private video conferences, stream your music or connect to your SONOS home appliance. With Nextcloud, you can choose from hundreds of applications and customise your Nextcloud to your personal needs. Nextcloud is the most popular open-source collaboration platform, security-focused by design and hosted and maintained by Nexthost. Because Nextcloud is open-source, you pay for us to host and maintain it for you. That's it. No hidden fees or "Buy one get one free" nonsense. Nextcloud supports two-form authentication and data encryption Which means not even we can access it. Just don't lose your encryption key.

Nextcloud Hosted Solutions

Nextcloud Single User 200 GB

Great For Home or Small Businesses
Nextcloud Hosted Solutions

Nextcloud Medium 500 GB

For Anyone Who Wants Full Control
Nextcloud Hosted Solutions

Nextcloud Professional 1 TB

Great for Streaming or Storing Media

Why Nextcloud?

Nextcloud is transparent. In other words, you always know where your data is geographically located. We only host our Nextcloud servers in South Africa. So, if you really wanted to, you could get a big external hard drive and collect your data from our data centres. If you choose a platform, you have absolute control of your apps, branding and as long as you aren't doing anything illegal, it's your rules.

Over 200 Apps

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