Test Your Website's Performance

Make sure your website is running on the right juice. You won't be winning any championship's if you put orange juice in this bad boy.

The Golden Rule. You get what you pay for, "Usually"

Providers are offering packages that give you hundreds of email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, millions of MySQL Databases, Site Builders and everything else you can think of, and of course, it only costs 100 bucks. So, where's the catch? Well, to start with, you get say, 1 GB of storage. So 100 email accounts divided by your 1 GB of storage, minus your site allows a whopping five to ten emails per mailbox. Now, your website only needs one Database. What's the point of the others? Sounding a bit like a sales tactic? What about MongoDB and PostgreSQL? We tested, Mongo outperformed the others in many instances. Now, one of the most important questions you have to ask. Is what security measures are in place and if your site is performing as it should. If you are using shared hosting, have they taken the correct procedures to protect your site against other poorly managed or malicious sites sharing your server.

Getting too Complicated?

As our goal is to provide quality hosting solutions, not bore our clients to death, we asked Sandy if she could help. She wasn't very helpful, she jumped onto the net and went looking for ideas. Unfortunately, slow sites turned her smile into, well, look. So our version, a bit of technical, and then some test sites using kittens and puppies.

Webservers - This is the software that your site needs to run



Stable, easy to use, works with everything but has speed limitations on its own. They named this helicopter after it!



Pronounced "Engine X". Fast, but a bit tricky to get right. Great for static websites. McDonald's relies on NGINX. We think.



LiteSpeed, or HTTP/3 is the new kid on the block. Fast, secure & comes with a cool WordPress Plugin. We like LiteSpeed a lot! However, we have some questions regarding their tests.

Give your site a test run & compare your results

Here are some sites we put together using the most common platforms. You can test them and get an idea of what to expect from us

We decided not to configure 150 different test sites because our girlfriends were getting cross. "We will do some more when they calm down". Here are some examples set up on the more common platforms. We recommend using GT Metrix if you would like to compare your site. They have a super simple comparison option, great documentation and they also listen to King Google.

The Contenders

WordPress - Speed With Bow Wow
WordPress | Speed With Bow Wow
Bootstrap | Quotes With Zuma
Static Site | Quotes With Zuma
WordPress | Round One With Tyson<
WordPress | Round One With Tyson