Why Choose Nexthost?

Why choose Nexthost when you have so many choices?

Sometimes change is not just good, but great. Just imagine that wall was still there. Nexthost is different. You remember that kid from school, the class clown who never listened, made the kids laugh and never studied, yet somehow managed to ace those exams and proved those frustrated teachers wrong?

Well, that's us in a nutshell. We are not here to compete with the giants, those household brands you already know, who all offer the same things at similar prices. We can't deny that there are some great hosting companies out there. However, they certainly are not for everyone. In an industry that is getting more complicated by the day, with names like Office 365, AWS and Cloudflare, it can be daunting to know where to start.

That's where we come in. We are the guys in the middle, the guys who will help guide you and your business and give you services that are right for you. We will make recommendations to help boost your SEO, provide you quality services that work for your individual needs, and always try to help you, our customers, excel. We want to push the limits, break boundaries and help you achieve those goals. The ones everyone said were too challenging, wouldn't work or, were just too ambitious. Maybe there were right, maybe not. Either way, if that barrier was still there you would never know. So explore and, Let's tear down this wall!

Some of our Customers Like to Brag

World Class Service

We've been in business for around 12 years now, and have used a couple of different companies for our web-hosting, something that is very critical to us. The difference when moving to Nexthost has had a noticeable boost in our SEO rankings and the overall speed of the site, resulting in an increase in sales, without us having to do much at all. Well worth it and we are very grateful for the world-class service.

Dave "The Sound Company"

Friendly, Skilled Staff

For us, trusting that our providers are qualified and up for the challenge is key to running our business successfully. We need fast and reliable service that we could trust. We found Nexthost to be transparent. We immediately felt that we could trust them, and after many years, we are still happy customers.

Kasaven "First Trust"

Oh Yes. We Beat Google

How we did this, and why it matters?

So, as you might have noticed, we are all about speed, so naturally, we have to test our customer's results quite frequently, and, since Google has announced that in May 2021, they will officially add the Core Web Vitals to the way they rank websites, speed is now more important than ever. So, we decided we needed to go "Barney Stinson" on this one. We got out our copy of The Legendary Bro Code and, of course, Challenge Accepted.

Now considering we are not selling SEO, we decided to focus on speed and leave the SEO stuff to Neil Patel, he is "rather good" at what he does and smiles a lot. Check out what he has to say about the importance of speed in his article, Speed is a Killer. We managed to get pretty good scores quite quickly but not perfect.

We throttled our internet to replicate a "Fast 3G" connection. The load time of some sites took so long that Jimmy, our 19-year-old intern tragically passed away from old age. We already knew that this was going to be a tall order, however, living in a country that isn't exactly praised for having great internet speed, we could see the logic so we did our thing and got some decent results.

Bring on Tyson!

Well, kind of, we dumped Mike Tyson for someone "a bit sharper" and organised The Legendary Neil DeGrasse Tyson, mainly because the birds were making a mess, but we needed brains. He rambled on and on about quantum physics and planets, but we eventually managed to get him to crunch the numbers so we could get our final results, and we got our perfect score.

GTmetrix Score
We Beat Google

William Shakespeare had this to say

“Speed. O jest unseen, inscrutable, invisible.
As a nose on a man's face, or a weathercock on a steeple!
My master sues to her, and she hath taught her suitor.
He being her pupil, to become her tutor.”

This meant absolutely nothing to us! But we used some Google, and we had an old enigma machine lying around. We managed to decipher it and what an unbelievable letdown that was! It returned “tsohtxen” and “one”. Neil had already ducked, and we were stumped so I guess we will never know.